Saturday, March 27, 2010

First Blogg. (:

Hey guys. My name's Stephanie Elizabeth. But please call me Steph. I dwell in Connecticut. I can't live without my friends. I thrive on sarcasm. I'm generally nice, but I don't suggest getting on my bad side. Obviously you don't know much about me, so here. I'll give you some basic info.

-My name is Stephanie. My middle name is Elizabeth.
-I'm a blonde.
-I'm 4' 11" and 93 pounds. 
-I live in Connecticut.
-I have one dog, Tessie. A beagle. I had another dog, Rocky, but he passed away three weeks ago.  ♥
-My favorite colors are yellow, purple, blue, and green.
-I have an obsession with Izze's and VitaminWater.
-I absolutely L O V E to bake. 
- My family consists of two parents and 3 brothers.
-I do track, cheerleading, and tumbling.
 Well that's basically it for now. If you are reading this right now, you most likely know me from the website Polyvore. If you have a Polyvore, be sure to add me and send me PM's! Thanks guys! I love you all...(:  

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