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Don't you just love it when some guy crashes into a telephone pole across from your house and KNOCKS DOWN YOUR MAILBOX, and then losing power at 7 A.M. due to the down telephone pole? Well I do. Not really. He he. Well that's the picture of the car that...well...let me tell you the story.

It was a rainy Tuesday morning, about 7:02 A.M. I was in a dead sleep and 'Crack'. The telephone pole across my yard is DOWN on a car. I got right out of my bed and went over to my parent's room right next to mine.
She got right up out of bed, along with my dad, and we decided we had to call 911.
There were two guys in the car, and they were working night shift at their work. The driver fell asleep, and first crashed into our mailbox (you can see the little white thing on the right of the picture...well that's my mailbox.) And then crashed into our telephone pole, making us lose power and made us have a power line run across our front yard. The bus for school wasn't able to drive down my road, so my neighbor and friend, Olivia, well her dad anyway, had to drive me to school.
Here's a word of advice...NEVER FALL ASLEEP DRIVING.
Oh, and this happened about a week ago, by the way.


If you're wondering what I look like, well, that's me. I know. U-g-l-y! 
But that's just me. (:
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ABC's of Thankfulness.


Hey guys! Steph again. Well obvisouly. Ha ha. Anywho...I'm here today to go over a list of ABC ways to enjoy and  appreciate life and be a little more thankful than you probably do already. Well lets get started!
A:  ~ Animals. They're so cute and cuddly. Well most of them..(:
B:  ~ Baths. They're just so relaxing.
C: ~ Compliments. Every little compliment feels awesome, doesn't it?
D: ~ Dishwashers. Don't you love NOT having to clean your dishes?
E: ~ Emoticons. Smileys. Frownies. The world woule be nothing without emoticons.
F: ~ Friends. What would life be like without friends? Friends make everything worthwhile.
G: ~ Google. 'Nuff said.
H: ~  Hearts. What else is there to doodle during your history class?
I: ~ Interesting days. Don't you just love a little pizazz in your normally boring day?
J: ~ Jokes. It's always good to laugh, even if it's a stupid joke. (;
K: ~ Kids. They're just so darn cute and funny. I love kids. (:
L: ~ Love. You love your friends, your family, and a bunch of other things.
M: ~ Mysteries. Everybody loves a little solving or a little thinking.
N: ~ Nickelodeon. Who doesn't love a little Spongebob? It's a good way to get some laughs.
O: ~ Orange. It's such a bright and cheery color!
P: ~ Pennies. Save 'em up for a while, and you can make lots of money.
Q: ~ Quotes. May they be about life, love, or friends. They're a great way to express yourself.
R: ~ Reading. It's such a great way to relax and get your mind off things.
S: ~ Songs. Especially your favorite!
T: ~ Tears. Doesn't it feel good after you've had a little cry? 
U: ~ Umbrellas. They save you from messin' up your perfectly straightened hair. Awesome. (:
V: ~ Vancouver. It's Canada. It's the 2010 Winter Olympics. It's pure awesomeness. (: 
W: ~ Weekends.A very much-needed break. I don't think anyone disagrees.
X: ~ X-Rays. Better check to make sure you're bone's aren't broken..(;
Y: ~ Yourself. No matter who you are, you're a very special person. You mean a lot to people.
  Z: ~ Zodiac signs. Don't you just love finding out your daily horoscope? You need a Zodiac sign for that.

Thanks for reading! It's now 12:35 and I think I should go to bed so I can actually get up before 11:00 tomorrow. Don't wanna waste a weekend with sleeping in 'till really late. 

First Blogg. (:

Hey guys. My name's Stephanie Elizabeth. But please call me Steph. I dwell in Connecticut. I can't live without my friends. I thrive on sarcasm. I'm generally nice, but I don't suggest getting on my bad side. Obviously you don't know much about me, so here. I'll give you some basic info.

-My name is Stephanie. My middle name is Elizabeth.
-I'm a blonde.
-I'm 4' 11" and 93 pounds. 
-I live in Connecticut.
-I have one dog, Tessie. A beagle. I had another dog, Rocky, but he passed away three weeks ago.  ♥
-My favorite colors are yellow, purple, blue, and green.
-I have an obsession with Izze's and VitaminWater.
-I absolutely L O V E to bake. 
- My family consists of two parents and 3 brothers.
-I do track, cheerleading, and tumbling.
 Well that's basically it for now. If you are reading this right now, you most likely know me from the website Polyvore. If you have a Polyvore, be sure to add me and send me PM's! Thanks guys! I love you all...(:  

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