Saturday, March 27, 2010

ABC's of Thankfulness.


Hey guys! Steph again. Well obvisouly. Ha ha. Anywho...I'm here today to go over a list of ABC ways to enjoy and  appreciate life and be a little more thankful than you probably do already. Well lets get started!
A:  ~ Animals. They're so cute and cuddly. Well most of them..(:
B:  ~ Baths. They're just so relaxing.
C: ~ Compliments. Every little compliment feels awesome, doesn't it?
D: ~ Dishwashers. Don't you love NOT having to clean your dishes?
E: ~ Emoticons. Smileys. Frownies. The world woule be nothing without emoticons.
F: ~ Friends. What would life be like without friends? Friends make everything worthwhile.
G: ~ Google. 'Nuff said.
H: ~  Hearts. What else is there to doodle during your history class?
I: ~ Interesting days. Don't you just love a little pizazz in your normally boring day?
J: ~ Jokes. It's always good to laugh, even if it's a stupid joke. (;
K: ~ Kids. They're just so darn cute and funny. I love kids. (:
L: ~ Love. You love your friends, your family, and a bunch of other things.
M: ~ Mysteries. Everybody loves a little solving or a little thinking.
N: ~ Nickelodeon. Who doesn't love a little Spongebob? It's a good way to get some laughs.
O: ~ Orange. It's such a bright and cheery color!
P: ~ Pennies. Save 'em up for a while, and you can make lots of money.
Q: ~ Quotes. May they be about life, love, or friends. They're a great way to express yourself.
R: ~ Reading. It's such a great way to relax and get your mind off things.
S: ~ Songs. Especially your favorite!
T: ~ Tears. Doesn't it feel good after you've had a little cry? 
U: ~ Umbrellas. They save you from messin' up your perfectly straightened hair. Awesome. (:
V: ~ Vancouver. It's Canada. It's the 2010 Winter Olympics. It's pure awesomeness. (: 
W: ~ Weekends.A very much-needed break. I don't think anyone disagrees.
X: ~ X-Rays. Better check to make sure you're bone's aren't broken..(;
Y: ~ Yourself. No matter who you are, you're a very special person. You mean a lot to people.
  Z: ~ Zodiac signs. Don't you just love finding out your daily horoscope? You need a Zodiac sign for that.

Thanks for reading! It's now 12:35 and I think I should go to bed so I can actually get up before 11:00 tomorrow. Don't wanna waste a weekend with sleeping in 'till really late. 

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